Bishops Pastoral Letter Paves Way For 2018 Elections

….As the document becomes a template for free and fair elections.        

By Desmond Munemo 


St. Clare CCJP members deliberating on the BVR process and the Bishops’ pastoral Letter.

The Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops’ Conference (ZCBC) Pastoral Letter on Zimbabwe forthcoming harmonised 2018 Elections was the backbone for discussions at a workshop held at St. Clare parish in Warren Park in Harare on 18 February 2018. The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) representative Mr. Taurai Gavi, who is the Deputy Director of Voter Education presided over the education of parishioners on the Biometric Voter Registration process quoting the ZCBC pastoral letter.The Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP) members from various parishes facilitated the engagement of the pastoral letter among different guilds members including Mbuya Anna, Hosi yeDenga, Sacred Heart, Simon Peter, Alois and Agnes. The parish council members also attended the Voter Education process.

St. Clare parishioners engaging the pastoral letter in groups.

 CCJP Official Arkmore Kori emphasized on the structures of the ZCBC and the need to not only read the ZCBC pastoral letters but to engage it in the community, families and take practical action. The facilitators took time to explain the importance of  the message from the Church fathers and the need of being responsible Christians exercising their democratic right through voting. They encouraged Christians to desist from violence and to elect God fearing leaders who will deliver according to their expectations. The congregation raised concerns on the process of voting and the BVR system citing violence and intimidation by political parties.







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