By Sandra Matendere

A somber atmosphere engulfed St. Mary’s Senga Parish and the Diocese of Gweru at large after the untimely death of veteran editor and dedicated Catholic, Bernadate Vonai Paradza , who passed on last week. The  late Paradza was the pillar of St. Mary’s Guild in Gweru Diocese and  was instrumental during the formative stage of the guild in the country.

The late Paradza was a veteran editor who authored a number of books that sought to strengthen faith and deepen the values and ethos of Christianity among people. These include Chita Chamaria Hosi Yedenga Vol 1 and 2, A survey of the old Testament among others. She was the Editorial Manager at Mambo Press until her time of retirement last year.

People from all walks of life visited the Paradza homestead to pay their last respects  to the illustrious woman who dedicated all her life to doing God’s work .

Paradza’s most talked about success  was the role she played during the formation of St. Mary’s Guild in the diocese of Gweru.
“We have lost a great woman and a devout Christian. She did all she could to bring people to God . We are going to surely miss her,” said St Annes Guild member Gogo Ngwenya.

Mrs. Tandavarai, who also worked closely with Gogo Paradza described her as an epitome of hope for all Catholics in the diocese.

“We all looked up to her during trying times and she would readily give us advise so that we could pick up ourselves and soldier on. Even in church she was a lady of inspiration,” she said.

Bernadette Paradza was also a Board Member of the Zimbabwe Open University. Many described her as an educationist and a devout  Christian .

The Parish Priest of St. Mary’s,  Father Ezekiel  Muzenda , chronicled the good works that were done by  Paradza and challenged all christians to perform works of charity and strive for the kingdom of God.

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