By. Fortunate Musahla

Bhasera Youth
Bishop Michael Bhasera blesses the banner to officially launch the Year for the Youth at St. Theresa Cathedral in Gweru.

Hundreds of Catholics from around Gweru Diocese gathered at St. Theresa Cathedral on 17 March 2018 to celebrate the launch of the year for the youth under the theme: “Young People, Faith and Vocational Discernment.”

The Apostolic Administrator for Gweru Diocese, Bishop Michael Bhasera officially launched the year of young people in the Diocese. The youth were reminded that the future of the family and that of the church lay in their hands and that there was need for them to cherish and protect it. Young people were urged to make decisions that promote a prosperous future and to shun those that ruin possibilities for a better life. Bishop Bhasera told the gathered crowd of young people that; “While you are the youth of today, you are as well parents and leaders of tomorrow and the future lies in your hands. The possibility of a great future depends on your ability to develop a clear vision of what you want to become.”

Gweru Youth.jpg
Youths dance in procession to celebrate the launch of the year for young people.

Bishop Bhasera urged the youth not to despair as a result of lack of jobs or of the political situation in the country. He stated that lack of employment should not lead young people into loss of dignity or  moral standards.

“Lack of jobs must not lead you to lose your dignity. You should maintain your dignity and keep your moral standards even if economic times press hard on you. You must not allow yourselves to be corrupted by passing situations or events. Young people must remain focused and steadfast offering yourselves to God in prayer all the time,” he said.

Some of the youths in Gweru celebrating in style.

Bishop Bhasera challenged the youth to be obedient and respectful to elders and to one another.

He said: “ Charity begins at home and you should start by respecting yourself, the elders and your fellow youths. This should as well be reflected in the way you talk, dress and conduct yourselves in private or public arenas.”

To cap his address, Bishop Bhasera called on the youth to be always closer to God and to dedicate their lives to him so that he takes care of them.


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