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Aspiring Gweru Urban Member of Parliament, Nkosi Ndlovu, who will contest in the

Nkosi Nldovu
Nkosi Ndlovu, aspiring MP for Gweru

coming general plebiscite as an independent candidate, has rolled out development programmes for youths and women- pledging to embrace the church in the diverse initiatives. Recently, Ndlovu sponsored a Talent Show at Gweru Diocese Catholic Cathedral Hall where youths battled out to show up their God-given talents in various arts disciplines such as dance, lip-singing and disc jockeying. The oversubscribed event was dominated by a host of Catholics from parishes around the city and also Christians from other

Over the weekend, the aspiring MP who has thriving businesses in South Africa’s posh city of Cape Town, also sponsored a soccer and netball tournament in Gweru’s densely populated city of Ascot. On the same day, Christian women aspiring to open up boutiques and cosmetic businesses were given an opportunity to undergo a training workshop he sponsored. Speaking to Catholic Church News at a press briefing held in Gweru last Friday, Ndlovu said he will continue to reach out to the church and also roll out various development programmes mostly for unemployed youths and women.
“I am a God-fearing person and I would want to see all the people liberated from the bond of poverty. It is against this background that I am reaching out to all. I want to see lives of people transformed. I will continue to speak to my partners so that resources and opportunities can be availed for the people of Gweru,” he said.
Ndlovu, 37, was born and bred in Gweru where he did his primary and secondary education. After finishing his high school at Thornhill High School in Gweru, he enrolled at the University of Zimbabwe for a Bachelor of Science degree. He failed to secure employment in Zimbabwe and headed for South Africa where he rose up the ladders of socio-economic life to become a proud owner of two companies that major in construction and information technology.

“If I get a ticket to represent the people of Gweru in Parliament, I am to be seized with programmes that develop infrastructure and improve livelihoods. I have already started to speak with people in France, Germany and Australia and all of them have put together plans to help me in that bid,” said Ndlovu.

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