ZICASAM reduces number of Choirs for 2018 St. Cecilia competition.

By. Br. Alfonce Kugwa

2018 St. Cecilia competitions will have 31 choirs.
2018 St. Cecilia competitions will have 31 choirs than previous competions.

The Zimbabwe Catholic Association of Sacred Music (ZICASAM) has reduced the number of participating choirs during this year’s St. Cecilia competition to 31 as a way of trying to harmonise logistical issues during the celebrations. St. Cecilia celebrations are usually held every November with dioceses hosting them on rational intervals. It has been noted that with the increasing number of choirs the competitions were ending further in the night thereby exposing people to all kinds of danger. Hence ZICASAM decided to reduce the participating choirs as a way of improving the management of the event thereby upholding the spiritual thrust of sacred music. In a circular sent to all composers associations in every diocese, the number of choirs participating per diocese this year are listed as follows:

Zimbabwe- South Africa                              –               1

Gokwe Diocese                                                –              2

Hwange  Diocese                             –              1

Archdiocese of Bulawayo             –              3

Chinhoyi  Diocese                            –              3

Gweru Diocese                                                –              4

Masvingo Diocese                           –              7

Archdiocese oh Harare                  –              7

Mutare                                                                 –              3

The Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops’ Conference asked that there be ushers from each diocese at singing competitions to enhance discipline.

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