CCJP Masvingo commissions Chipezeze bridge as part of conflict resolution initiative in Zaka

Tatenda Mqetu

The picture shows the official opening of Chipezeze Bridge in Zaka under the conflict management and mitigation project entitled ‘Shaping Our World (SOW)’.

The Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP) Masvingo recently commissioned Chipezeze Bridge in Zaka District through the conflict management and mitigation project entitled ‘Shaping Our World (SOW)’ which later on transformed to ‘Re-Shaping Our World (Re-SOW)’.  

Zaka District Development Coordinator (formerly DA) Ndeya Nyede officially commissioned the bridge in the presence of Zaka Rural District Council (ZRDC) Engineer William Chikwanda and other key stakeholders of the community such as the Ward Councillor Peter Imbayarwo, local CCJP Peace Committee, traditional leaders, ZRDC and the villagers of Chipezeze community.

Re-SOW has created conflict education awareness through trainings and engagement platforms in target communities on how to peacefully resolve conflicts thanks to the financial support from the Catholic Relief Services (CRS) facilitated by ‘Collaborative projects for the common good’ to ensure sustainability of projects.

CCJP Masvingo assisted the construction of a low lying bridge with seventy bags of cement and three wheelbarrows as a way to support collaboration which Chipezeze, Mvarume and Masaga communities wished to have for a very long time.

The Non-Governmental Organization noted that of the potential 21 target communities that the Re-SOW project was focusing on, only 8 managed to receive assistance after a tightly contested bidding process where the communities were asked to develop project proposals.

Zaka District Development Coordinator, Nyede also appreciated the project noting that developmental aid is sustainable as it helps the communities to grow.

“What is important is development. I am particularly happy about this project because it is a permanent development.” said Coordinator Nyede.

Ward Councillor Peter Imbayarwo also appreciated how the project managed to unite people of Chipezeze, Mvarume and Masaga communities.

“I am very happy because this bridge is not for one person. It’s not for two people, but it’s for everyone.” said Councillor Imbayarwo.    

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