Catholic University of Zimbabwe offers Chaplaincy Course in Masvingo

By Tatenda Mqetu

The Catholic University of Zimbabwe (CUZ) recently introduced the Chaplaincy course at Gokomere Mission in Masvingo Diocese so as to equip Priests to serve as qualified chaplains in schools, hospitals and other institutions which is a great stride in empowering Church personnel in the responsibilities that they are assigned to.

History is being made in Masvingo following the launch of CUZ in Masvingo in 2019, with the Department of Education having enrolled its first block students to study a Bachelor’s degree at Bondolfi Teachers’ College.

“Today again history is being made in the Catholic Diocese of Masvingo. Once again the Bishop of Masvingo has agreed to allow the University to run a course of Chaplaincy so as to equip our Priests to serve as qualified chaplains in schools, hospitals and all our institutions,” said Fr. Walter Nyatsanza who is the Education Secretary for the Diocese of Masvingo.

“As you all know Sekuru Bhasera and the Rector of the Catholic University in Zimbabwe already launched in 2019 the Department of Education here in Masvingo which already has taken its first block students to study the Bachelor’s degree at Bondolfi Teachers’ College,” Fr. Nyatsanza said.

Chaplains generally lead nondenominational religious services, provide spiritual support to those who are unable to attend organized religious services and counseling to those in need be it a hospital, prison, school, university or in the military.

In most cases, a chaplain is an ordained clergy member who provides religious services and support people who are hospitalized, incarcerated, unable to attend religious services, but for Masvingo Diocese chaplaincy this will not be confined to the ordained ministers alone but will be expanded to include the religious personnel, as well as catechists, lay persons such as teachers in schools who interact with pupils every day.

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