Gweru Diocese remembers departed priests and religious through prayer.

By CCN Reporter

The graveyard at Driefontein where priests and religious of the diocese are interred.

Gweru Diocese priests and religious led by their bishop Rt. Rev. Rudolf Nyandoro gathered at Driefontein Mission to remember and pray for their departed co-workers. The memorial that was held on 21 November 2020 was held at Driefontein Mission cemetery where the deceased priests and religious of the diocese are interred. The month of November according to the Catholic calendar is a period when the Church is encouraged to pray and remember the dead. On 1 November, the Church remembers All Saints; these are those she canonised as Saints.  In Roman Catholicism and certain other Christian faith traditions, a saint is a holy person who is known for his or her “heroic sanctity” and who is thought to be in heaven.

Brothers, priests and sisters stand at the foot of graves to place flowers and burning candles.

On 2 November, the Church commemorates All Souls; these are the Souls of people who have died in different circumstances in the world.  Hence, the month of November is considered as a month to pray for the dead beloved ones.

Male and female religious in prayer for the dead at Driefontein Mission cemetery.

The diocese’s clergy and religious convention of 2018 saw the birth of this solemn diocesan event, the memorial for the deceased priests, religious brothers and sisters who dedicated themselves to serving God and humankind during their life time.

Bishop Nyandoro blesses the tombs of the deceased priests and religious.

Bishop Rudolf Nyandoro blessed the graves by sprinkling holy water and incensing. Rose flowers and lit candles were then placed on each and every tomb as an act of love and thanksgiving. The gesture was accompanied with singing of sacred songs and dancing. The Catholic Church believes that there is communion between the pilgrim church and the heavenly church and as such the Church always pray for all the departed. While death can seem like a wide separation, those who died in grace are closer to us than they were on earth.

Furthermore, the Catechism goes on to expand on this reality, stating that the “Eucharist is celebrated in communion with the whole Church in heaven and on earth, the living and the dead.”

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