Bishop Nyandoro calls for peace during a grand visit to Kwekwe

Tatenda Mqetu

Gweru Diocese Bishop Right Reverend Rudolph Nyandoro this year celebrated Zimbabwe’s 41st Independence in Kwekwe Deanery at St. Edwards following an invitation by the parish with the motive to align its vision with that of the Diocese.

Addressing the parishioners in attendance of the Holy Mass on the 18th of April 2021 Bishop Nyandoro encouraged the laity to continue praying for peace and justice in Zimbabwe and to celebrate the gains of Independence.

The clergyman reminisced his Priestly Ordination held on the 19th of December 1998 at the same venue highlighting that the parish felt like home already well before the invitation.

“I urge you to pray for peace and justice in Zimbabwe as we celebrate the 41st Independence from colonial rule whilst we should not forget to be grateful of the gains that we are enjoying today,” said Bishop Nyandoro.

“Coincidentally I was ordained into priesthood at this parish on the 19th of December 1998 and since then I have seen this as my home as it marked the beginning of my journey in serving the Lord,” added Bishop Nyandoro.

St. Edwards Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Collin Wapwanyika was delighted by the visit of the Bishop as he revealed that section and guild representatives had an opportunity to share their shortfalls whilst they were given advice on how to possibly overcome them.

“It was truly a great honour for the Bishop to respond positively to our invitation, whilst it was also an opportunity to know him better in a more personal way, above all it was a great moment as the section and guilds executive representatives had an opportunity to share their concerns with the Bishop,” said Fr. Wapwanyika.

The Parish Chairperson, Tevie Paji thanked the Bishop for supporting the parish’s projects.

“As a Parish we had the opportunity to fundraise for our Projects with the Bishop donating funds enough to put up one complete palisade panel for our durawall project,” said Paji.

St. Edward’s parish has been undertaking the construction of the priest’s house within the church yard and currently, the durawall construction is topical among other sustainable projects for the parish located close to Kwekwe Central Business District.

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