The creative power of words; Sin sounds sweet

By Benjamin Chaya

When one wants something or to influence others to act in a certain way one chooses the words to say. We often see advertisements by the shops saying an item costs $999.99 instead of $1000. In the mind of the potential customer it sounds a whole lot cheaper. Those who are married can remember the words that they said or what was said to them to make them agree to the proposal of marriage. Obviously sweet words were packaged that you could not resist. For one to get the job in an interview one has to use the right words to convince the interview panel.

In the battle for souls, the devil also packages words to entice humankind not to see sin as such but as a right or something pleasurable or honourable to do. We can recount from Genesis how the serpent managed to get Eve to disobey what God had said (Genesis 3:1-8). The devil knew what God had told Adam and Eve but played with words to cast doubt in Eve`s mind. The trick is still being played today. New terms are cropping up with a view of reducing the gravity of sin. The intention is that one can partake in sin without feeling guilty thus one ends up being a slave of sin. The sad reality is that sinful acts are no longer viewed as such by many.

Most of the innovative words have to do with the sixth commandment which states that ‘Do not commit adultery’. It is one sin that is bringing many to the road of condemnation in its various forms which it is manifesting itself.

Traditionally, the term sugar daddy has been used to refer to an old married man who goes out with young girls or woman who seek financial gains from him than true love. The man takes advantage of his purse to attract young “birds” just to quench his insatiable sexual thirst. The term is being replaced by the term ‘Blesser’. The word Bless is a very good word frequently found in Scripture with profound meaning that is now being used to describe an adulterous and exploitative relationship.

The natural meaning of the word ‘Gay’ is to be happy. Everyone wants to be happy. Jesus Christ in Luke`s version begins with the word “Happy(Luke 6:20-22). The term has now been associated with homosexual couples. Some are finding happiness in engaging in unnatural acts as opposed to turning to God. Some countries have gone as far as recognizing gay marriages and contrasting them with straight or natural heterosexual unions which is a pervasion of nature and God`s law.

Prostitution is known to be contrary to divine law. Sex is a gift from God to be enjoyed by couples in marriage for their pleasure and procreation can not be held outside the institution nor can it be sold like one is selling a loaf of bread. Prostitution demeans mostly women who are treated as objects for sexual pleasure for a fee. The term commercial sex workers has sprung up to describe prostitutes and it has been legalised in many countries. When sin is viewed as work, the guilt is removed as it is taken as a necessity for survival. Yet energy could be expanded to free those engaged in the vice to engage in noble trades to take care of themselves and their loved ones.

Pornography has emerged as a scourge over the past few years and it has destroyed many lives from all ages. It has taken over a new term which is adult entertainment. Everyone wants entertainment of some sort. The use of the word adult implies that it is allowed for adults to partake in pornography. The intention of presenting it as entertainment is to lessen the thought of guilt on the consumers and they will not see the need to stop the practise. Sex is sacred and should be within the confines of the marital bedroom. Pornography degrades the dignity of those involved in the making of such shows. Many consumers of pornography have developed addiction over it and it has led to violent crimes like rape in some cases.

The phrase reproductive rights have featured prominently in recent times. Some have gone on further to state that it is my body and I do whatever I want with it. We all need rights and the Church advocates for the upholding of human rights. However, it has to be noted that reproductive rights encompass things like abortion and use of contraceptives. The Catholic Church teaches that life begins at conception hence abortion is an intrinsic evil. In 1968, Pope Paul VI wrote Humanae Vitae, an encyclical that explains the Church’s teaching on family planning and contraception. The Catechism of the Catholic Church states that contraception is “not giving oneself totally to the other. This leads not only to a positive refusal to be open to life but also to a falsification of the inner truth of conjugal love, which is called upon to give itself in personal totality… The difference, both anthropological and moral, between contraception and recourse to the rhythm of the cycle…involves in the final analysis two irreconcilable concepts of the human person and of human sexuality” (CCC 2370).

Scripture gives us a guide on how to approach the times that we found ourselves in. Stay sober and alert. Your opponent the devil is prowling like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Resist him, solid in your faith, realizing that the brotherhood of believers is undergoing the same sufferings throughout the world. The God of all grace, who called you to his everlasting glory in Christ, will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish those who have suffered a little while. Dominion be his throughout the ages! Amen (1 Peter 4:12-5:14).

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  1. An intolerant and shameful article/teaching. You are part of a worldwide Church: elsewhere bishops and theologians are trying to show compassion to all people and be, at least, more sensitive in the language they use. If this is the best the bishop’s office can publish, then what a pity.

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