ZCCL chats the way forward through election of new leadership

The Zimbabwe Catholic Council for the Laity has elected the new leadership team during their Annual General Meeting held at St. Theresa’s Cathedral in Gweru last November. The new committee will run from 2022-2023.

Mr. Stewart Gwatirinda, ZCCL National Chairperson, Gokwe Diocese

The ZCCL leadership is elected from the Diocesan Pastoral Council Committees from all dioceses in Zimbabwe. The chairmanship position is rotational and this time around, the lot fell on former Gokwe Diocesan Pastoral Chairperson, Sterwat Gwatirinda who will lead the committee for two years.

Members of the new ZCCL team include Mr. Stewart Gwatirinda from Gokwe Diocese (Chairperson), Mr. Albert Chari from Mutare Diocese (Vice Chairperson) Mrs. Febbie Mzenda, Gweru Diocese (Secretary), Mr. Robinson James Chirimuhazu, Masvingo Diocese (Vice Secretary), Nompilo Ngwenya, Archdiocese of Bulawayo (Treasurer) and Prof. Sifile as Ex-officio member.

The old team comprised of Prof. O Sifile who was the chairperson, Mr. Clemence Kunzekweguta, Mr. Simon Parwaringa, Mrs. Leatsinda Mawoneke and Mr. Amon Mapaike.

Mrs. Febbie Mzenda, ZCCL Secretary, Gweru Diocese

The primary function for ZCCL is to coordinate all laity pastoral activities in the country and the council works under the guidance of pastoral coordinators who are priests appointed to lead pastoral activities in every diocese.  The Commission is under the guidance of Bishop Michael Bhasera who is the Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops’ Conference Chairperson for ZCCL while Fr. Johannes Maseko is its National Coordinator. The Commission sustains itself from the support and subscriptions from dioceses and guilds across the country.

Mr. Robinson James Chirimuhazu, ZCCL Vice Secretary, Masvingo Diocese

We continue to thank the overwhelming support from the faithful and we continue to encourage self-reliance programming to ensure a self-reliant and a self-ministering church.

ZCCL offices are located at Africa Synod House along 4th Street in Harare and its doors are always open to receive pastoral initiatives and concerns from and for the laity. It is the Bishops forum of synodally journeying with the Laity, as they listen together.

The ZCCL team wishes you all beloved Catholics a blessed 2022. Let the synodal process continue in our homes, parishes, missions and dioceses. Let us listen to what God wants and respond with love.

Nompilo Ngwenya, ZCCL Treasurer, Archdiocese of Bulawayo

Let us do it diligently guided by the power of the Holy Spirit. Let us reform and build the Church that God wants in the third millennium. The Synodal journey is meant to find common solutions for real challenges faced by the Church and to adopt an inclusive approach that promotes unity and growth of the Church as guided by the Holy Spirit.

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  1. It is interesting to note that the ZCCL does not have a representative from the Harare Archdiocese and I hope that it is an typing error. Could someone please let us know why there is no representation from Harare. I am a past chairman of the ZCCL where I served for almost 6 years. I believe that this is a very valuable platform that is not given the attention it truly deserves because it has a very significant role to play in the life of the wider Catholic Church in Zimbabwe.

    If I mat=y suggest that ZCCL publicize an e-mail for direct communication from the laity sice it serves the entire country as only those living in Harare (or visitors to Harare) will have access to the ZCCL office in Africa Synod House.

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