By Rev. Fr. Peter Chimombe 

Fr. Peter Chimombe

In 1917 between the 13th of May and 13th of October, Our Lady revealed herself to three shepherd children of Fatima namely Lucia, Jacinta and Francesco. Our Lady shared three secrets to the children which included the emergence of a communist revolution, persecutions against the Church, great suffering for the man in white (Holy Father-Pope) and the reign of the antichrist (2 Thes.2:8-12). There was a specific warning about Russia which was going “..to spread its errors” and hence the need for its consecration to Our Lady. On the last day of these apparitions which have been widely approved by the Church, there was a miracle of the dancing sun which was witnessed by over 70 000 people. One year after the attempt by Ali Agca on Pope John Paul’s life on 13 May 1981, Sr. Lucy the only survivor among the three children wrote on 12 May 1982 concerning the third secret;

“If we have not yet seen the complete fulfillment of the final part of this prophecy, we see that we are going towards it little by little with great strides.”

Recent events of our times resonate well with the Fatima prophecy. On 24 February 2022, the Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, triggering fears of a third world war. The biggest army on the planet rolled its war machine on a neighboring country, with civilians accounting for most of the casualties. Three days after the invasion, Putin put his nuclear team on high alert. His ambition seems to be the re-creation of the former Soviet empire and world dominance. The world can ignore this former KGB boss at their own peril.  It is estimated that over seven million civilians will be displaced as refugees if the war doesn’t end soon. However, the European Union has imposed crippling economic sanctions on Kremlin and all the Russian Oligarchs who are bank-rolling Putin’s war. FIFA, UEFA and the International Olympic Committee have also suspended Russian teams and athletes from international sporting competitions. This war has united the entire world against a tyrant.

All these draconian measures may put Putin on a corner and who knows, he may press the nuclear button and entire populations will be annihilated from the face of the earth. Thomas Hobbes the Philosopher once wrote about a war situation which he described as a Leviathan or a state of nature, a man eat man situation which is like a football match without a referee. How close are we to the “great war” (World War 3) which will usher in a godless empire as revealed in the third secret of Fatima? Is Putin the antichrist referred to in 1 Thess. 2:8-12 whose aim is to establish a new world order and spread the errors of Russia as foretold by Mary, Our Lady of Fatima? Pope Francis has called for a day of fasting and prayer on 2 March 2022 (Ash Wednesday) for peace to prevail in Eastern Europe and the whole world. The United Nations Secretary General also pleaded with Putin “in the name of humanity” to stop this unprovoked war. In the Bible, Isaiah the prophet foresaw a world where people will beat their swords into plough shares, where a lamb will graze with a wolf under the watchful care of a child.   Mary Mother of Peace, Pray for us.


  1. The things you are saying about russia and putin are completely wrong.

    You are talking in a western propaganda perspective.

    The only reason Russia declared full scale invasion on ukraine is due to

    1- Ukranian military is infiltrated with thousands of Neo Nazis nationalist that have a huge threat on Russia

    2- these Neo nazis are funded by NATO/USA billions of dollars to billions worth of weapons to massive brainwash manipulation into hating russians

    3- Ukraine almost declaring joining NATO .

    4- Ukraine has been a secret part of NATO under the table


    6- Nato/Us planning to place military bases with nuclear ballistic missiles on russian borders

    7- nato broke the treaty on expanding into west.
    If you check history , ukraine was Russia s weak point that can cause its collapse

    8- The neo nazis ukranian putting there hand into nuclear weapons against russia

    Please tell me how would US react if Nuclear warheads were placed on there boarders with Neo nazis fighters that wish the destruction of your country , or the 23 bio chemical biolabs that are producing the deadliest deseases?

    Also the war has been happening for 8 years on donbass between seperatists.

    The media doesnt show how ukranian military nazis are killing innocent civilians from children .

    Almost 15 k civilians died because of them.

    The media is controlled by the satanist west (EU/NATO)

    The only war they are winning is by controlling the media and spreading fake news.

    Soon shall the empire of Lies and delusion fall and perish

  2. Your opinion piece contains a number of actual errors. It completely ignores the role of the ‘West’ in pushing for this war. Even the current Pontiff is siding with the CIA and the US State Department against Russia. The CIA and US State Department have been guilty of covert international operations for 70 years or so. They have aligned themselves with Soros, Schwab and the elitists at Davos. The elitists hate Russia because it stands in the way of their New World Order. And the Vatican hates Russia because the Russian Orthodox church will not submit to the assertion of the primacy of the Papacy. But Russia is more ‘Christianized’ than any other country in Europe. It has passed legislation defining marriage as between a man and a woman. It has made a great effort to stamp out abortion. And furthermore, the Russian Orthodox priesthood are allowed to marry and have families, and thus is not plagued with the crimes of sodomy and pedophilia as is rampant inside the corridors and institutions of the see of Rome.
    One of your errors is you claim that more civilians have been killed by the Russians than soldiers. The western news journalists and outlets have been shown time and again to be pushing the narrative that their owners tell them to. There is substantial evidence that the civilians who have died have mostly been at the hand of the Ukrainian forces, especially the neo-Nazi units, who use the inhuman and disgusting practice of using civilians as human shields. For example, the neo-Nazi soldiers, set up their artillery and ammunition depot in a school, and start firing at the Russians, and do not allow the children or teachers to leave the building. It is documented that Russian POWs are being treated as only savages would, in a manner totally contrary to the Geneva convention, and yet the collective west is silent on this.

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