Double celebration as Fr. Dumbura’s 10th anniversary coincides with St Mary’s Queen of Peace Parish Day

By Sr. Mufaro Chakuinga LCBL

Fr. Dumbura receiving a gift from St. Mary’s Queen of Peace Parishioners.

About 800 people gathered at St. Mary’s Queen of Peace Parish in Old Highfields on 3September 2022 to celebrate 77 years of the parish’s establishment in the Archdiocese of Harare. The parish day coincided with Fr. Canaan Dumbura’s 10th anniversary as a priest. Fr. Dumbura grew up in Highfields and the parish took the opportunity to combine the celebrations.

The youth from St. Mary’s Queen of Peace, Highfields, dramatize the life history of Fr. Dumbura.

Old Highfields Parish was established in 1945 by Archbishop Chichester and it was named after Mary Queen of Peace.

Fr. Dumbura received a blessing from Pope Francis.

The youth from the parish dramatized the life history of Fr. Dumbura from his childhood. He was born in 1979 at Howard Institute in Chiweshe and got educated in Old Highfields. This is where his vocation was developed and nurtured. Testimonies from parishioners revealed that Fr. Dumbura is an inspiration to many people especially the youth.

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