ZCBC appoints new Secretary General

By Br. Alfonce Kugwa

Fr. Tryvis Moyo C.Ss.R was recently appointed as the Secretary General of the Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops’ Conference.

The Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops’ Conference has appointed Fr. Tryvis Moyo C.Ss.R. as the new Secretary General for the Secretariat. Fr. Moyo replaces Fr. Fradereck Chiromba who has been at the helm of the conference for 19 years. The incoming Secretary General is the first black religious to lead the conference. Fr. Moyo is currently the parish priest of St. Gerard’s Parish in Borrowdale where he was re-assigned to replace Bishop Raymond Mupandasekwa in 2018.

Speaking to the Catholic Church News, Fr. Moyo promised to serve the conference in earnestness. He vowed to fulfill the mandate and vision of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference in Zimbabwe and to coordinate the Church’s activities in the country. The former Novice Master for the Redemptorists said his vision is in sync with that of the Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops’ Conference and that he would work very hard to advance the goals and objectives of the Church in Zimbabwe, especially the proclamation of the gospel.

“My personal vision has to be in sync with the vision of ZCBC and that of the Church to proclaim the Gospel and to serve humanity holistically. I think ZCBC is very clear and my coming in as a new man means that I have to be a good steward. Talking about the secretariat, we will give it our best with the guidance of the bishops. It is also good for every institution to be self-evaluating. We will be asking more questions than we have answers on the position of ZCBC.” Fr. Moyo said.

Asked about his perception about the Catholic Church in Zimbabwe and its challenges, Fr. Moyo said the Church has come a long way and has steadily grown to become a self-proclaiming, self-ministering, a self-propagating Church and a self-reliant Church.

“We have come a long way as a local Church as witnessed by the growing number of the local clergy, religious sisters and brothers and the Christians. We are now beginning to see the local Church taking over most of the responsibilities. We are still a growing Church and all that presents different challenges,” he said.

Fr. Moyo said that he will use his new position to facilitate dialogue at all levels especially between the Church and the State as well as to promote collaboration with other Churches and non-state actors.

He stated: “We seek dialogue and meaningful dialogue. My perception is that things are not sorted out because someone is shouting from the rooftop, there is always need for a round table to dialogue and dialogue is to be understood for what it is, it should not be compromised. I think there is room to dialogue between the Church and the State.”

Interview with Fr. Tryvis Moyo C.Ss.R.

The priest called on Catholics across the country to play their part in the proclamation of the Gospel to all generations saying they should complement the secretariat in this great mission. He added that ZCBC belongs to the people and that he is ready to listen to them for the transformation of the conference.

“We have a task at hand. Like in all generations, the Gospel has to be proclaimed. It is not the secretariat alone but we have to journey together in delivering this mandate. It is the people’s conference, its their secretariat. We are ready to listen to them and I hope they will reciprocate the same gesture.

While he expressed his willingness to learn, Fr. Moyo challenged the secretariat to uphold principles of professionalism, stewardship and accountability saying business as usual means there will be no business tomorrow.

“I am open to learning, but I am also keen that there are certain things that we need to uphold for example, professionalism, stewardship and accountability. We will hold each other accountable. I have great appreciation of the work that is already being done, but as Australians say: “Business as usual means there will be no business tomorrow.”

Fr. Moyo was born in 1975 in Bulawayo where he also went to school before joining the Redemptorists in 1996. He did his novitiate in Ibadan, Nigeria, made his first profession in 2001 and final profession in 2004. He was ordained to the priesthood in April 2005 at St. Adolph Ludigo parish in Magwegwe, Bulawayo. Fr. Moyo holds a Masters Degree in Systematic Theology and has a vast experience in pastoral work, formation, and leadership. He is currently a Councillor of the Redemptorist Conference of Africa and Madagascar (COREAM).

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  1. I’m confident that Father Moyo will live up to the demands of his new appointment. For the 4 years I’ve known him, I’m convinced of his immense capacity for hard and challenging work. His age brings into the ZCBC the exuberance needed for this fast changing world of Christianity and in particular the Roman Catholic Church.

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