Fundraising towards church construction of St Michael- Ushewokunze

By Sr. Mufaro Chakuinga LCBL

Mock ordination invitation to fundraise for the construction of St. Michael Church in Ushewokunze.

St. Michael’s Ushewokunze Centre will on 20 November 2022 host a fundraising gala to support the construction of their church. The Centre invites all Catholics and non-Catholics to celebrate St Michael’s day and to participate in fundraising activities towards the establishment of a house of prayer in the South West of City Deanery.

The day will begin with holy mass at 8am, followed by a mock ordination organized by the Missionary Childhood from St. Michael and St. Patrick, Glenora parish. Six child “priests” are going to be ordained and this is a must see experience in the centre’s endeavor to promote synodality and participation of the children in building the Church. Parish choirs from the Deanery will also compete on the same day amidst a plethora of other activities.

St. Michael is a vivacious centre which falls under St. Patrick, Glenora in the Archdiocese of Harare. It is located 2km away from Harare-Masvingo highway after Mbudzi roundabout. In 2005 Mrs. Sophia Takawira, Sekuru. John Kina Dzingai and fellow Catholics organized themselves and started having prayers every Sunday in houses around Ushewokunze community. Later on that year, Sekuru Dzingai managed to secure a church stand that was in Ushewokunze phase 3. A shed was erected at the first site and the first priest to come to celebrate mass was Fr. Walter Gallahue (OFM) The site was later changed to Phase 1 in 2009 as the place was considered too small to accommodate the growing number of parishioners and also for future developments of the church.  

Proposed plan for St. Michael Church.

As the number of parishioners increased, there was need to celebrate mass every Sunday. Hence, Fr. Maxwell Jaya, who was the parish priest of St Francis of Assis Waterfalls then took charge of St. Michael as one of his centres

 The parish has this year, started proceedings of building the church hence, they organized activities to raise funds towards the construction St Michael, one of the parishes whose Catholic population is rapidly growing due to upcoming settlements.  The ground breaking ceremony led by Fr. Naison Manjovha (OFM) took place on 31 July 2022.

The Center which is currently chaired by Mr. Menard Matanga, requests donations from well-wishers, other Catholic parishes, and the entire Christian community to facilitate the construction project of one of the biggest centres in the Archdiocese Harare.

Those who are willing to contribute to the building of St. Michael Church can contact: the following people: Fr. Patience Tigere OFM (Parish Priest) 0773 277686, Mr. Mernard Matanga 0772 856 560.


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