Marian Primary School advances in infrastructural development

By Br. Alfonce Kugwa

The new administration block under construction at Marian Primary School in Bindura.

Marian Primary School in Bindura’s high density suburb of Chipadze never stops to grow with signs of development being witnessed at the school. An outstanding and near complete administration block catches the eye as one sets the foot at the Primary School. The construction of the administration block has completely changed the outlook of the school as the state of the art building stands out giving an impression of the good work of the Catholic Church towards education and child safeguarding.

Three ECD blocks that were built to decongest classes at the school. Fr. Nhetekwa was behind the construction of the three blocks.

The new building is connected to the leadership of Fr. Clifford Nhetekwa who also initiated the construction of the three ECD blocks at Marian.

According to the Archdiocese of Harare Education Secretary, Sr. Claris Gowo LCBL, Fr. Nhetekwa was the mind behind the construction of the three ECD and administration blocks at the school. Sr. Claris said although Fr. Nhetekwa was transferred before the completion of the project, he is the man who mooted the idea.

“Seeing the growing population of ECD learners, Fr. Nhetekwa started the idea of constructing the three ECD blocks. He also brought in the concept of a new administration block. Unfortunately, he was transferred in 2016 before the completion of the project which he left in the hands of Fr. Gordon Matienga who successfully completed the construction of the ECD blocks,” Sr. Gowo said.

The Education Secretary for the Archdiocese of Harare, Sr. Claris Gowo LCBL explains the developments at Marian Primary School.

The coming in of Fr. Gerry Chigwaza fulfilled Fr. Nhetekwa’s dreams for the school when he facilitated the construction of the administration block whose completion is due before the end of the year.

Fr. Nhetekwa who was transferred to Bindura in 2013 realised the shortage of classrooms at Marian Primary School and decided to put up three classroom blocks so as to decongest the ECD classes. Fr. Nhetekwa also said that he was disturbed by the absence of a staff room for teachers at the school and thus he came up with the idea of erecting a comprehensive administration block.

“When I was transferred to Bindura, I was not impressed by the situation at the school considering the growing population of learners since Marian Primary School is located in a high density suburb. That is when we decided to build three additional blocks so as to decongest the classes. I also realised that teachers needed a special place where they can concentrate and share experiences about their work and that is how the idea of the administration block came about,” Fr. Nhetekwa said.

The Headmaster of Marian Primary School, Mr. Manyanga poses for a picture in front of the new administration block.

According to Fr. Nhetekwa, the administration block has a chapel attached to it where teachers can pray at their private time. He said they had also planned to build a grotto as a symbol of the Catholic faith and in honour of Mary the patron saint of the school.

Marian Primary School falls under the administration of the Catholic Archdiocese of Harare and Sr. Gowo said the Church hopes to develop the school into a high school that will benefit learners in and around Bindura.

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