Tribute to Sekuru Floro

Bishop Angelo Floro

Go well our Bishop,                                                                                                 

A great man of God in the apostolic priesthood;

Who lived a life of love and selfless service;

Always putting on that precious smile,

And great love for the people of God.

You fully exercised your pastoral care for Gokwe Diocese,

With wisdom, prudence and experience,

To them you were a man of truth

 A soft spoken shepherd, swift to love and care for all,

Always ready to extent God’s love to the unloved,

Driving away from their hearts;

Hopelessness and despair

Today, the Church in Zimbabwe celebrates your life,

As you journey home,

To see the master of the vineyard, Jesus Christ,

 Whom you followed to the very end,

Through serving the people of God,

 With a strong conviction of heart and mind.

Thank you your Lordship, for the great pastoral care,

To the Church in Gokwe and in Zimbabwe,

Now you’re in a better place, heavenly home.


By Moses T. Mazena

2 thoughts on “Tribute to Sekuru Floro

  1. You served your Master to the full with Love and total surrender. Receive your crown with joy. Rest in peace faithful servant of Jesus Christ and great Missionary.

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